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    So patiently waiting fot the update . Finially i install it and end up with dissapointing results.first of all i had the blue trek g2 that came with the dongle when i had the 600. Got the 650 and used the same headset. Paired up perfectly but noticed it wasnt as loud as when i had the 600. one day i accidently hit the mute button and "wow" it was loud like on the i found the headset was great and the 650 was great being that i had to press the mute button and unpress it and have a great conversation. Now i download the update................sound is more louder , BUT NO ON CAN HEAR ME . i am in the car with the windows closed and i have to repeat things 3and 4 times. i up the volume on the phone and the earpiece itself, no luck. press the mute button and no luck. to sum it all up the updater gave me better input quality but my oput quality has gotten need to press the mute button no more , loud enough but no one can hear me no more . trying to uninstall the update and get back the original but its been overwritten. now dont even use the earpiece , thinking about buying another one but not sure, dont want to throw away money on a new one.

    if any one can give any assistance would be gladly appreciated.
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    What would help is if you listed which model (CDMA, GSM) Treo you have and which service you're using it on. I'm assuming you're on Sprint and installed the 1.08 update.
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    Im using cdma treo 650 with sprint service.
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    I would recommend purchasing another earpiece. There are stories all over the web about some bluetooth earpieces working better than other regardless of the phone. When I bought mine, I went to BestBuy and tested several, returning the ones that either didn't work well or I didn't like till I landed on the Motorola HS820.
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    The update killed my keyboard. I had to get another phone.

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