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    I really want handspring to release a os update/upgrade for my vxd. One of the reasons is the 16 gray problem most apps have because of the 3.1 os that the visors have on them. I wonder if it would be a ram patch or a module. I personally want it to be a ram patch because, I have a 8mg flash module. I wonder would if you be able, if it were a ram patch, to move it onto the module? I hope they will release a update for the newest palm os version! os 3.5?
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    It would be nice, but I could live without it.

    How large do you think the patch would be? Can they even do patch?

    If they do it, I hope its a downloadable file rather than an SB, which to me means a higher cost.

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    This OLD link has nothing to do with the grey scale problem. Personally I think supporting 16 level grey scale is the most urgent issue the next patch should be concerned.
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    Hey-- I didn't post it as having to do w/ the grey scale problem, and it IS old; I was just posting it in response to Forvisor's and Felipe's apparent ignorance of it. Lighten up man!
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    Yes I want a upgrade to at least PalmOS 3.3!

    3.5 would be nice but I really want the 16-gray scale support and the improved connectivity: faster serial hotsyncs, IR and IR hotsyncs, etc... that 3.3 gives you. I bought the Visor reading that it did support 16 grays. Well the hardware does but the OS doesn't! I was really pissed off when I discoverd this.

    Most of the other 3.5 features I've read about are very minor and Handspring has already included some of them in 3.1H.

    And the upgrade should be in RAM. Since the full PalmOS and the standard application only take a little over 1MB of space, (This is from "PalmPilot: The Ultimate Guide, 2nd Edition, O'Reilly, p. 485.) I would guess that any update to 3.3 or 3.5 would be small - say on the order of 200K.

    Time will tell - hopefully.
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    I think that the upgrade would actually be more around 750 K if the full version is 1 mb. What your giving space for is the libary's. Unfourtunally, I don't think that you can add to the library's, only install new ones.
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    I'm in agreement with most others here. I'd really like to see Handspring release an upgrade to bring the OS to at least 3.3 and I don't mind having to put it in RAM. I'd even be willing to give up 1MB to do it.

    Part of the attraction of the Visor in the first place is the SB slot and the ability to "add-on" to the Visor. I knew that the OS was not "flashable" when I purchased but I figured any OS patches could be handled in an elegant manner.

    I have this terrible feeling that with the announcement of the new Visor models that Handspring is going to abandon the VDX and we'll all be forced to upgrade to another model if we want some of the features offered by the newer Palm OS's. It would be nice for a company to manufacture hardware and/or software that could withstand more than a micro-second before becoming "obsolete".

    Perhaps we could start a new thread for this topic and try to generate as much support from other users - much like a petition. Maybe Handspring will pay attention.

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