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    Hey Gang!

    Is there a way to insert pauses when dialing without having to program a number in speed dial or loading 3rd party software? I have searched and haven't been able to find an answer. Thanks!

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    I am not an expert but have also read alot, alot of posts on this on several different sites and have put in numerous charectes that have been sugested to work on previous devices and nothing has ever worked. But of course it works with Takephone
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    Although it is 3rd party software (which for some reason you said you wanted to avoid ) I use TAKEphONE which can lookup and dial directly from your contacts database and supports all the timed-pause ("," and "t") characters and hard-pause (""x" and "p") characters that you may have been using from previous devices. All the other applications I have tried - default Palm Contacts, Agendus - have failed to do this. HOWEVER, I believe these apps do understand just the "," timed pause - so try that if this is enough. Note that the first pause of any sort does generally wait for the call to connect before continuing, so the first "," is also a "connect first" kind of pause.

    See this thread and this thread on TAKEphONE - which is just a much better phone application than the standard one!
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