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    I recently bought a home monitoring video camera to view my living room when I am away (see photo to the left of trouble maker dogs). The wireless camera records movement in the living room and sends a short clip of it as an attachment to my Treo 600 email. Does anyone know what program I need to install to view this amusing video clip?? The email attachment looks like this: WVC11B (2005 04 16 1720).asf
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    Read the thread best video player ever for the program core pocket media player. It's located on or something download that program and it'll play your asf files. also you can look into mmplayer for palm too. I think that's the name of the program. it plays asf files.

    Hope these are of help to you.
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    If your camera is IP-addressable, there's a program called SkyWire Video that might allow you to view directly in real-time.
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