Someone may be interested in this if not aware. MS Exchange 2003 allows web access as in previous versions, but has features built in for access via a mobile device. If you have access to Outlook on the web (I know some companies do not allow it), you can log into Outlook Web and use your email just as if you were using a desktop PC. The difference and plus is that the page is optimized for display on a mobile device.

Its kind of neat actually. The page displays all your folders at the top and your Inbox mail at the bottom. You can open, read, reply, send email, or open & access any folder just as you would on a desktop/laptop. Sent messages are stored in your Sent Items folder.

I did note that your browser must support wide page display mode. At least it did on mine or the page will not display correctly.

So far it pretty much negates any need for me to setup an email app on my Treo with ActiveSync for accessing company email. That is unless I need to read and compose replies/new mail etc, then send it later. That is not an issue for me, but it may be for some.