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    slinky ,
    What your complaining and moaning about , quite a few of us did that 6 months ago. Lots of such threads were created during those days. Therefore i wasn't even thinking of reading this thread.
    Here is my advice .
    Do n't waste your time . If your one unit does not work , go buy the other one. Trust me you will not regret ,other wise you will be wasting few months, before coming back to realize that T650 is still the best,amongst what is available.
    And pocket PC 's, they repeatedly disappointed me, every time i tried to give them the benefit of doubt.
    My 2 cents...

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    I'm not sure what you are talking about but for my needs on Verizon, the Palm suffices for now. I don't need or want a Blackberry and the PPC is good but I have a great deal of Palm software so the choice was easy.
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    Well I have just gotten off with Palmone lack of support. Here is my luck, first Treo keyboard died after 39 days. 2nd Treo 650 DOA, infamous reset problem. 3rd Treo 650 mic not working. I haven't even sync any of these units. What is going on? I have read that Palmone is sending out dead units. I now believe it. They need to fire the repair subcontractor that is supposed to fix these units. These units are referb units which are supposed to be tested. I have now been with out my palm for over a week and they are telling me that it is going to take 5 to 7 business days to send the unit to me. (Note: this is a cross ship Repair not a send in repair.) The phone is nice but they need better QC. Lets see if the fourth unit is DOA.
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