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    I was evaluating Pocket Favorites and it works as advertised, BUT the delay when opening the program as it accessed my list of synced favorites was pretty long.

    SO, I decided to try Favogo which I had on my Treo 600, but didn't get to ever work on my Treo 650 when I upgraded from the Treo 600.

    I did a fresh install of Favogo 1.3 and it just won't install properly. It goes through the whole install process, the folder is in my Palm directory, the program is on my Treo, but the conduit is just not in the HS Manager when you select custom and nothing happens on HS.

    I tried shutting down HS, reinstalling, uninstalling, reinstalling again. Rebooting the PC, everything....just won't work.

    Anyone using Favogo 1.3 with a Treo 650 successfully with working HotSyncs of thier favorites and the conduit showing in custom?
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    I tried Favogo 1.3 a while ago with my 650 but I never could get it to sync my favorites.
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    Thanks for the reply, I guess there is at least two of us that cannot use Favogo 1.3 with our Treo 650's...

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