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    Yesterday I was sitting out on my deck with a beer, using my cell. I didn't have a table where I was and I didn't want to set my Treo 600 on the ground, so I did one of the stupidest things I've ever done: I set it on top of my beer glass. Well, the bottom of the Treo is slightly rounded, and after a few minutes I heard a kerplop as it went right into my beer. Oh, the pain. The thing actually started making these pained little squealing and whimpering sounds, just like a small animal might. So bizarre.

    So I got online and found a few tips from other people who had dropped their Treos into the toilet, etc. First I rinsed it out thoroughly with water, and shook the water out of it. I couldn't take it apart because I didn't have the tiny little Torx driver. Then I removed the stylus, chip, and memory card, and blew hard into the holes until it seemed like no more water was coming out. I set it in the sun for a couple of hours, until the sun went down. Then propped it up a few feet in front of my space heater all night. Then back in the sun this morning, and then finally into the charger. It sounded sick. But after a few hours' charging, a couple of resets, and a couple of synchs, it actually seems to be working again!

    Note: a lot of people suggest using a hair dryer, but I wouldn't recommend it, unless you're willing to spend a lot of time doing that with the dryer on LOW.
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    good job!!!!
    hope your treo is working good
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    The tiny torx driver usually runs about $5 on eBay. I'd buy one just to have on hand. (I actually *do* already have one from when I had to replace a case on an Ericsson T28. They are very handy little drivers.)
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    What size torx driver do you need for the Treo?
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    You need a T-6 to open the case...
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    awesome job! I dropped my in the toilet and knew what to do , but didnt pull it off, had to replace
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    Quote Originally Posted by SolarCowboy
    But after a few hours' charging, a couple of resets, and a couple of synchs, it actually seems to be working again!
    And who says that the build quality on the treo is bad
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    I did this when my water cooling leaked all over my video card. Lasted about a week before dying for good On the other hand, my car remote still works even after going for a swim in the ocean... I hope your Treo fares as well as my keychain!!
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    What a waste of beer
    "If it's new, I've got to have it."

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