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    re-read my posts... u claim I have not tried anything besides PDE...far from it..
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    Quote Originally Posted by johnski1969
    re-read my posts... u claim I have not tried anything besides PDE...far from it..
    You seem to dodge the point. Have you tried Recode 2 to encode full-length DVDs and compared that to PDE? Yes or no?

    I've tried Recode 2, PDE, pqdvd, smartmovie, auto GK, flask + virtualdub, kinoma producer, and about five others.

    Recode 2 blows them all away in terms of video quality, audio quality, encoding speed and file size. Every single one.
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    I have not used the link & I will..
    but it seems from viewing your posts that u have encoding issues I have not.. encoding for me is old hat.. I tweaked my encoding skills well over a yr ago w/600... I really don't need 2 b in this tussle w/u as my encodes look great, I am happy w/them & I have no issues. I will try recode 2 on your recommendation... as it is not always the encoder that makes a good encode as much as it is the settings & technique/skill used... as I'm sure u will agree.
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    No encoding issues here. for the nero recode 2.

    I think that I just have a lot higher standards that others. Every "test clip" that I play that someone sends me doesn't cut it. They think that it looks great on their Treo, but my tastes are different. My clips look GOOD and I'm not willing to settle for something with dodgy audio or less than 24fps video.

    Recode 2 does two-hour DVDs in under two hours and the quality is very high. They're also about 200MB!
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    I don't have Nero, but the freebie recding done by Palm1 Quickinstall is plenty good (by my standards) for watching video on a tiny Treo 650 screen. The audio is syncronized in both P1's Media and TCMPG player.
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    I have been getting audio sync problems. It is WAAAAYYY off.

    1) Is there a way to sync volume that I cant see?

    2) If i encode at a lower audio/video/frame rate, would that make a difference?
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    The Media player roocks. I have every season of Starge sg1 on my cell phone. How cool is that
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    off topic, how did you record a season of tv episodes? when I try (using pocket dvdStudio, I end up having to record each episode individually...
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    One of the better free options, as johnski1969 suggested (he even used the word "free" in his posts) just may be PDE. I think the stress on the word "free" was missed when Recode was suggested as a better option.

    Recode 2 has a great GUI, efficient encoding, and may be one of the better options in the paid software category (if you don't already have Nero, Recode 2 is part of the ~$80 Nero 6 Ultra package unless I'm missing the place where you can get it as a standalone app).

    Either way, both PDE and Recode 2 produce quality video that plays well with BetaPlayer/TCPMP.

    To each his own (depending on how much you're willing to spend )
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    Quote Originally Posted by ClarenceCM3
    The Media player roocks. I have every season of Starge sg1 on my cell phone. How cool is that
    amanda tapping all the time. real cool.

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    well said nino.. I am sure not payin for recode when PDE does great by me & is free!
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    Quote Originally Posted by johnski1969
    well said nino.. I am sure not payin for recode when PDE does great by me & is free!
    So, have you tested Recode 2 yet?
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    For those with KBLights and similar programs. U can toggle the keyboard lights with this program ,TCMP, just the the power button while a movie is playing. Press power again and no more keyboard light.

    press power twice to get light back
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    i love this video player - by far the best player out there (and, its free!) many great features but not too cocky. great product! get this thing out there!
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    Too bad it doesn't support more codecs. I'm sure that they'll add support as the development progresses.
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    Really cool and FREE player. I just used Pocket-DVD studio to recode my DVD copy of The Incredibles. Nice! TCPMP played the avi file without hiccups!
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    Simple install, one big (but card-movable) file, played Matrix Reloaded without an issue!
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    I'm so excited to use this player, but I can't seem to get the video working properly. Every clip I've tried (including samples from the developers website) is really choppy. Its sounds as if the file is being paused/unpaused very rapidly in some sections resulting a machine gun-like playback.

    Does anyone know how to fix this?

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    Do you have a fast SD Card?
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    I have a regular speed SD card. The thing is I was running Core from internal memory. I just moved the app to the card and had the same results.

    This is so frustrating. Been waiting a long time for a player like this and it won't work.
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