After initial installation of my TWH evrything seemed to work great. Contrary to an earlier Jabra 250 that I was using the TWH connected automatically when a call was initiated or received . (On the Jabra I had to press the multi-function button each time to connect ).

Then, unexpectedly, this feature stopped on the TWH and I had to press the headset button, like on the Jabra. This annoyed me . so I thought hard and checked my config to see what changed. The only thing that I could come up with was that I had added a bT dongle to my PC and paired that with my 650, and then paired my TWH with the 650 again (for some resaon that escapes me).

I deleted the PC trusted device and everything went back to normal , even after I re-paired the PC dongle again. So I guess that there is some kind of priority list, determined by the sequence in which devices are paired with the 650.

Just thought that I would pass this on in case others were having a similar problem.