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    I have a new 650 with 1.08. It is resetting everytime I press the end of call button on my bluetooth headset. I have tried 3 of them now. Jabra 250 and the Motorola hs850 and a frend of mine's plantronics. I did the ##3777# thing and it almost always says phone as the termination error. I am loving my phone and have no reset problems besides this. Any reccomendations would be appreciatted.

    Things tried so far.

    Soft reset.
    Hard Reset.
    removal of 3rd party programs
    New 1.08 installation
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    I am running 1.12 on my sprint 650 and with the recent purchase of the palm brnad headset am no experiencing frequent resets. whenever the other party disconnects before I, my device will reset. every third or fourth call it will reset if I try to answer the call with the headset. I have yet to contact palm as I loath dealing with the india crew.

    I have found myself extremely disappointed with this purchase, I find my t300 much more reliable. that device cost me less than a hundred bucks, this one was more than 6 times that.

    If anyone else has experienced similar problems please post. maybe in some OZ like reality someone will be able to fix this.
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    i actually had this problem as well. i was using a verizon treo and jabra 250. i had ringo installed in mine, when i deleated ringo my bluetooth reset problem went with it.. hope this helps.
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    That was one of my many reset problems. Deleted Ringo, and now nomore resets. Thank God.
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    I had that problem too and finally blocked out the time to do a hard reset/erase (after backup of course) and tried the Logitech BT headset with a 650 and only the default apps working on it. Worked fine. So I did a restore and it still worked fine. Just for good measure I did delete Salling Clicker, a competing BT app that I use on my T3 as a remote for iTunes. All still works.
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