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    I just sent a suggestion to Innopocket that they make (or partner with someone) a sync/charger cradle that would fit their fantastic metal case for the T650 ( ). I'd love to keep the phone in the case much of the time and the convenience of jamming the entire unit into a charging cradle without having to slowly push it out of the case and then have to re-insert it before heading out of the house.

    It's the small things, I suppose.

    If you like this idea, send an email to Innopocket and second the idea... maybe enough requests would prove to them that there is a market.

    Just my two cents...
    - Aaron
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    Do what I do, buy an extra battery and recharge it while using your Treo in its case. You do have to take it out of the case, but only for 2 minutes, and then your treo is ready to go.
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    Palm really missed the boat by not making a charger that can accomodate cases and skins.
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    Well, I think the cable that came with the treo should be able to accomodate the Treo in a metal case or skin case (even a Vaja case). It will be very difficult for them to make a cradle charger that will fit every case since they can't predict what kind of 3rd party case will be out there. I just got myself a retractable sync charger so I can charge my Treo while I travel and just leave the OEM cable in my work desk.
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