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    everyone reccomend pdanet but its for PC I need one for mac os
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    search - there are numerous threads on using treo as a bluetooth modem with a mac.
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    Yes, you can. I've got ShadowMite's DUN patch installed and it works great with my Powerbook.
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    Same thing here! Powerbook G4-12", Shadowmite DUN and Sprint Treo650=Happy Mac User!!!
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    shadowmite's solutions work great!
    mac osx user new beetle pilot powerbook operator smartphone communicator

    vzw.kyo6035 > vzw.kyo7135 > vzw.treo600 > sprint.treo650
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    Quote Originally Posted by iBug
    shadowmite's solutions work great!
    I bought a Treo 650 off Ebay and I can't get the web browser to work. I followed all the directions on your site but I can't still get on the web. Everything else works for me getting on the web. help!!!!!!!!!!

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