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    i also sync as needed -- only really when i want to install software or feel that my 650 hasn't been sync'd in awhile. i probably should more often, but really, i feel that there's no need to do so.
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    it takes just a minute, i sync every morning.
    morris stalk
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    i usually only sync when i have new programs to install.
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    typically twice a day
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    Quote Originally Posted by GeekyMom
    I just downloaded the Autosync program but was wondering; can you set it up to sync differently from the Hotsync setup already on the unit?

    I have my Treo by-bass my Media files and other large files to save time with downloading and snycing prc files. But I would like it to backup everything with this program.

    I don't think you can do that. Far as I know, It just activates the sync process, however it is setup.
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    I HotSync once a week when I charge the bugger.
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    im glad i saw this, reminds me to sync, 1-2 a week i guess for me maybe less
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