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    got the orange dots on the screen- called got a refurb replacement. what do i need to do to move all my data and programs over to the new one?

    i've searched the forum as well as the handspring site, but only found info on how to updgrade from a 300.

    i have a lot of 3rd apps
    beyond contacts
    documents to go
    treo alarm
    treo shutter

    i went to beam and saw that beyond contacts for instance had like 9 or so different entries in the app list!

    which is the easiest and safest way to get my old stuff on the new phone?
    thanks so much!
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    Do a hotsync. It will ask to you identify the user name. Once you do that & then hotsync everything should be installed ontop your new Treo.
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    everything? apps too??? that's easy! thanks!
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    You can also use a backup program to copy everything to your SD card. That's a snapshot of what you have now. Hotsync tries to re-install everything you've ever put on so you may have to do some weeding out afterwards.
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    worked like a charm! thanks guys!

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