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    I currently have an At&T Treo 650 and I am on Notes v5.0.11. What is the best conduit to sync up my Treo and Notes? I read some other threads on this topic, but they are outdated.
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    mmnotes is the best conduit I have been able to find. I tried Easy Sync and Inteelisync and like this one the best.
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    PylonPro is my choice... overall its pretty bullet proof and it syncs Notes databases if you need that. I don't think MNotes does that.. also check the other forums. People are having major problems with MNotes after the recent Sprint update. Maybe no effect on you, but worth knowing about.
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    There are several threads on the board with posts no more than a few days old. At elats one reports an EasySync Pro patch that is only a few days old.

    A title search on "Lotus" brings up 11 threads in the last month. Personally i don't use notes and am waiting to see if the new easysunc pro worlks with organizer

    Check this out on the Lotus website.

    "The Tungsten T5 and the Treo 650 shipped with a new version of HotSync, 6.01, that is not compatible with EasySync Pro 4.2.2 or earlier releases. This hotfix is being provided to EasySync Pro 4.2.2 users to address the following specific problem reported by users of PalmOne's HotSync 6.01 delivered with those devices."

    The next option I would think would be XTNDconnectPC which released a new 650 compatable version on 04-01-05.

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