Whenever I send an SMS to certain people, a few minutes after I send it my Treo alerts me like I have a new message, but there is no new message....it just shows the message in the "chat log" that I had just sent. It doesn't do this to everyone, just certain people, but there is nothing in common amoungst those people that I can figure out. Any ideas??? It's annoying to be alerted to my own outgoing messages.

Also, In my SMS screen, on the main screen where it shows logs...everyone has those two arrows by their names, some are green and orange, but some are grey and green. What's up with that? The ones that have a grey arrow also have grey text for my sent messages, even though I have it set in perferences to show as red for my messages.

And one last question..is there any way to change what the main buttons go to? I never use the calander and want the calander button to bring up my contacts instead...any way to change this?