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    Currently I am only able to sync the Versamail for Outlook only through wireless sync. Is it possible for me to sync the Versamail, while doing a hotsync.


    Can Versamail contact the my outlook server through the internet connection in my PC???
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    Sorry for pumping this up the queue .. I am on international roaminging in US.. the GPRS syncing is killing me.. The cost data connection is US to too steep.. I hope some one already have a solution for this.
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    I actually configured my Versamail to sync only via the PC. Then, on wireless, we have an IMAP Proxy service and I get to access my mails via the web/Blazer.
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    How did you manage to configure syncing versamail to OUtlook through PC-Sync
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    Set up two Versa accounts. One is a synch only account that will synch when you hotsynch with your desktop. Set up the other to wirelessly fetch e-mail. It's not ideal...but it's the only way currently.

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