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    Would a really fast SD card speed things up? Something like this:
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    Yes, it will take, save, load, and transfer pics/vids/data faster.

    I only run high speed cards in my cameras and electronics... its an extremely noticable difference in the old ones.. no more "lag"
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    I think he is asking whether the Treo650 takes advantage of high-speed cards (I don't know the answer). Although the card may be 12x, 24x, etc... quite a few devices don't take advantage of the card's rated speed - which means buying a pricier card for no benefit.
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    I can tell you that a PQI 60x 1GB card is indeed much faster than the run of the mill SanDisk card. I did a bckup/restore from each and the PQI blew the doors off of the SanDisk. Don't have imperical numbers though.

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    Not really. The Treo is the bottleneck.
    (I went from a Lexar 256MB to a 1024MB SanDisk Ultra II.
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    There is already another thread about this
    Seems like the 650 can do a better job w/ faster cards then the 600

    I think were it will be worth buying a faster card, is if you plan playing/recording movies right to/from your SD card
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