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    I am using TakePhone as my dialer and I'm using the default Treo contact list. I have all of my numbers stored in the 1-901-xxx-xxxx format. I also tell TakePhone to translate 7 digita numbers to that format. When someone calls me that is in my contact list, it just shows up as the 1-901-xxx-xxxx instead of saying their name from the contact list. Does anyone know what might be causing this and how I can fix it?
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    Anyone have any ideas?
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    My quick guess (with no testing) is that the problem is your use of the "1" country code in front of everything. I don't think this is how the CallerID is being delivered with incoming calls and so contact lookup is not matching. By-the-way, even though you are using TAKEphONE for dialing, I believe I am right in saying that the incoming call handling and CallerID display is all still handled by the Palm phone support, not TAKEphONE.

    Obviously. the way to test this is to change/create some entries to remove the "1" and see what happens when you call your Treo from there!
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    TAKEphONE does not handle incoming calls, nor Caller-ID.
    If you want to make sure - just delete TAKEphONE, and try.

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    go to the Phone app (dial pad), Dial prefs, check the boxes: Norht American dialing AND "Always dial +1 before the area code.
    This will add a 1 in front of the numbers in your address book (it will not add to those that already have a 1) by doing this, those calls that come in will now match your address book.
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    Yeah that's how I had it set. Everything matched up just fine, but the name still wasn't coming up. Now that I've removed the 1 before the numbers it works fine.

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