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    My Cingular 650 has been working fine as a phone for a month and I took the plunge to hot sync the device to my Windows XP computer. I installed the software according to the instructions and on the first sync it worked fine including sync'ing all the Outlook data.

    I cannot sync again. When I click the sync button on the cable I hear the pc make a ding dong sort of noise and the Treo says it is looking. It never finds it and never connects. There is no record of any activity (other than the initial sync) in the log on the handheld.

    When I go to the Palm Desktop Application, I can see the data that was sync'd... pictures, contacts, etc, but all the choices under setup are greyed out. Therefore I could not open the log file on the pc nor review or adjust any settings.

    Also, there is no little hotsync icon in the system tray as can be seen on other pc's with the same software/device. I have already uninstalled and reinstalled the Palm software and it sync'd. Just once. Any thoughts or help?

    Thank you!!
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    If there is not hotsync icon in the system tray, the Hotsync Manager is most likely not running, although I dont know why. You can manually start Hotsync manager by launching it from the Palm program group in your Start menu. You can also hit CTRL-ALT-DEL to bring up the task manager in XP and verify that the hotsync manager is running.

    If the hotsync manager is not running, then everything else needs to wait. Can you verify it is running before you try to hotsync for a second time?
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    Thank you!! I was able to set the Manager to start every time Windows starts.

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