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    Here's is what I'm thinking. You have a desktop client similar to iTunes that you use to catalog all the music you have on your PC. You have a client that is similar to the blackberry client on your Treo. However, the client on the Treo has the tittles of all the music in your library but only holds a couple hundred Mb of the music. When you want different music on your Treo you just pick the music and it wirelessly syncs. Obviously this will only work when we get real 3G working. Can someone tell me why this won't kick the crap out of an iPod? I am sure the major phone carriers must already be thinking about something like this (except Verizon of course) but they will somehow make it suck and add DRM to it. I'm really thinking about this from an investment standpoint because I think apple is a great short.
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    why not just stream all your music from your pc and keep your SD card free for other things...

    well, guess what. thats already here... try Gloonet

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