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    I have a 1.0 gb Sandisc memory card that is loaded with mp3's. I drag the songs across from a file manager window to a window that opens when I plug my card reader in the USB port. Once the card is about 3/4 full, I get a message that the system can't create a new directory. At that point I have to delete a song or two and create a sub directory to be able to continue using the space left on the memory card. This leaves my mp3's in two locations. Is there some type of limit on the amount of directories that can be put in the card formated by the treo 650? Is it counting each song a a directory? Is there a better way to get all the info into one place?
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    I think there is a limit as to how many files can be in the root directory (512 if I remember correctly), which is a limitation of the FAT file system. Where are you copying the files to? To the root or to a subdirectory called AUDIO?
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    I don't have 512 songs. Is it creating a separate directory for all contents, artist, album, genre which is what p-tunes is showing me? I believe that most of the songs are in the palm directory, then I put the rest in a directory called /palm2 which I create. Do you have a suggestion?
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    No, the directories you see in PTunes are a way for the app to organize the songs for your viewing by the data contained in the song (artist, album, genre, etc.) but the files themselves are in one directory. If you don't have that many files, you may have a corrupt card. I would make a backup of the card onto your hard drive and reformat the card to see if that helps. I would also suggest creating a directory called AUDIO off the root of the card and copying all your MP3s into that directory.
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    I'll give that try. I'm at work now using this forum to kill time. I'll report back. Thanks.
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    Created the audio directory with zfile. Am happy camper. All my music files now fit in one directory. Thanks Zboater.

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