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    Hello I have a question? Have 2 phones the v600 and Treo 600 both from T-Mobile I used my Sim Card between both phones and had no problem before, but then I recently updated my Treo 600 with the Treo 600 Software Updates (Treo 600 Updater 1.12 (PC Version) on the T-Mobile web site and after I did that and put my Sim Card into the Treo 600 to see what was new and a message comes up saying “SIM Card Not Allowed” (Your phone cannot be used with this Sim Card) can anyone help me out with this problem and advice me on what to do next?
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    From where did you get the treo? If you bought it outsdie T-mobile, It sounds like locked back to its original carrier.
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    my co-worker got it from his friend and then he gave it to me. my sim card was working with the treo before i did the update/upgrade now a message comes up saying its not allowed.
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    If I am not wrong, Treo was unlocked when you got. Upgrading will normally lock back to its original carrier. When you disable your wireless mode, what is the carrier logo at this time after upgrade? Go to and look for all updated programs from respective carrier and unlock it.
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    You'll have to unlock it again, as it was probably unlocked via software patch.

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    Ya it was t-mobile and at&t before upgrade and my wireless mode is on but there are no carrier logo after upgrade.
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    T-mobile website has already warned not to use their upgrade software if you buy treo from other carrier. Only one thing you can try is go to and search around. I noticed there are all upgrading software from different carriers with different codes. Download and unlock again. If not working???? someone HELPPPPPP!
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    hi i went to and got a T6GSMUP305.ZIP but its still not working.
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    Give me your email address. I will send you some files.

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