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    Just wanted to report that I fixed my Hotsynch problem. Maybe it was because i have a bunch of custom foods and menus the "Synchronize" command was giving it fits. I knew the info on the Win PC was what I wanted to jam to the 650, so I went into Palm Desktop and told it to "Desktop overwrite PDA", ran that once, then changed info in both palm and windows BL, told it to synch, and it worked fine. Running for three days now.

    Oh, and also, disabled Mcaffee viruscan for synch. With virus on a synch would take an hour or more and maybe time out, and tie up 100% cpu, vs ten minutes or so with it off. Maybe I'm just superstitious, but it works this way so I'm not fixing it any more.


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    Anyone interested in using BalanceLog for the Treo 650 should be aware of the company's recent dissolution. Although you can load on your Treo there is not any support for the software, including upgrades and technical assistance. It is a shame because it is a great program for tracking nutrition and physical activity.

    Statement from below:

    Healthetech™, a Delaware corporation based in Colorado, has provided hand-held devices (MedGem® and BodyGem®) and software (HealtheLog™, BalanceLog®, BodyGem® Analyzer, and MedGem® Analyzer) for the measurement of metabolism and creation of personalized weight management programs for the Fitness, Medical, and Corporate Wellness markets since 1998.
    On May 2, 2006, the Healthetech Board of Directors voted to dissolve the company, which will close for business pending stockholder approval.

    All other inquiries can be directed to

    Press Release

    © 2006 Healthetech Inc.
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    Was version 2.1 the latest/final version of BalanceLog?
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