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    It's been pulled off treocentral's store and it still shows out of stock at Pacific Rim. What the hell. This seems like the best hard case out there. What's the deal? I've been waiting to buy this since I got my Treo. I need FULL keyboard access and be able to see the screen. I don't know of any other cases that achieve this.
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    I received an email from Pacific Rim that they now have them in stock and will ship mine tomorrow.
    We shall see, mine's been on back order since December.
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    I recently bought the Innopocket hard anodized aluminum case, which I really like EXCEPT for the limited access to the keybooard. I was studying the photos of the Pacific Rim case this evening, and I noticed that the two cases have many commmon features. In fact, the cases appear identical expect for this specific feature. I plan to modify my Innopocket to remove the keyboard cover with a Dremel tool-has anyone else done such a mod? If I can figure out how to remove the hinge pin, this seems like a very straightforward mod, and it has the additional benefiit of cost savings and availability-the Innopocket case is cheaper than the Pacific Rim, and it is readily available on this and several other web sites. Sorry in advance if this mod has already been discussed-I did a quick search but did not find any similar threads.
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    My Pacific Rim hard case finally came in........ordered on 11/25/04.

    As much as it pains me to say was worth the wait.

    The hinge seems much more secure than the old innopocket one I had.

    I do miss my SD card slot, but when my 2G comes in from Dell, I'll really only need one with me.

    I had to do a modification to remove the outside top tab so I could slide it in horizontally, as I have egrips on it and the vertical slide isn't making it past the neoprene.

    With a view of the screen and access to the keyboard it is really forcing me to learn how to use the 5 way to its max and not the touch screen.

    I'll let you know how the clear plastic holds up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by string3599
    Thanks-after my inagural post, I did a second search and found this thread and a couple more. Now that I have evidence that others have already done this, I am planning a trip to the local Costco, which had a great deal on a Dremel kit recently.
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    Quote Originally Posted by treofox
    Thanks-after my inagural post, I did a second search and found this thread and a couple more. Now that I have evidence that others have already done this, I am planning a trip to the local Costco, which had a great deal on a Dremel kit recently.
    I still have my custom innopocket case. I do love it and am used to 5 way nav only use. In fact when my Treo wasn't in a case I found myself touching the screen accidentally all the time and executing commands I didn't want to. I love this case. The only thing is that the cover hinge is flimsy. I put a piece of tape in the upper left to secure it and it is secure now. It does make the Treo bigger but I feel much better knowing my Treo is safer... One thing though the Treo slides a little bit up and down in the case. Not much but in more time I feel I made need to mod it again and add some more neoprine or something to make it more snug.
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    hi all ..

    mitemom .... just a couple of questions if i can ....

    are you still happy with the pacific rim case? ... how is the quality of the case in general and specifically the hinge? ...

    looking at the pics it seems that there is only 1 slot at the opening of the earpiece (cmpd to the innopocket which appears to have 3 slots ) ... does this muffle the speaker sound in any way?

    how is it to open the case with the hinge and use the touchscreen .... does this arrangement seem to work ok? ....

    how is the plastic over the screen attached to the case and can it be replaced at all if it gets too scratched from using it ..

    how are the cutouts in general ... i haven't seen a pic of the back of the pacific rim ... does it have a cutout for the camera ...

    sorry about all the questions ... the search for the perfect case is about as hard as the one for the perfect pda phone combo
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    I know these things are all subjective, but I'm still very happy with the case.
    I had 2 innopocket full front cases for my 600. I used my last one on the 650 since I got it back in Nov.

    The hinge appears sturdier. It still has a bit of give, but I don't find myself opening it as much.

    I'd post pictures, but I've never been able to get that to work.

    Anyway, on my new Pacific Rim case I have 3 slots on the opening of the earpiece, as well as the hole for the on light.

    On the back, the cut outs are the same as my old case, except the camera hole is now keyhole shaped to accomodate the self portrait mirror and there is no reset hole.

    The side holes are cut correctly and line up perfectly with the new side button.

    The clear plastic piece appears to be attached through some sort of gluing process. It looks seamlessly integrated, and not replaceable.

    I keep my phone in my purse and I was concerned it would get scratched bumping up against who know's what's in there, but it's clear so far.

    It's no different opening up the cover to use the touch screen as it was on the old case, except it's easier to type, because in the old case the cover really got in the way.

    Also, and this could just be because I've only had it a short time, I haven't noticed any scratches on the outside. My old case seemed to get scratched on day one.
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    I received the Pac Rim hard case two days ago and so far it's great. My only surprise is that when I connect a cable, the phone slides up about 1/8th of an inch. Side to side it is very snug. So far I am very impressed with workmanship, size, weight, and finish. Seems like the perfect combo case for the perfect combo phone/pda. I have not used the clip (yet) as I usually keep it in my pocket. I was told by someone at Pac Rim that they are developing a metal clip to replace the supplied plastic one. They don't know release date. If you purchase the case prior to metal clip release, you will be able to purchase clip seperately at a reduced cost.
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    Is the post on back (for the belt clip) fully removable or does it stay attached? I keep my phone in my pocket and don't want that poking me. Is the case much thicker than a leather case?
    Well, it isn't perfect and it makes me crazy, but I still do love my Treo!
    Sprint Treo 650 CDMA
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    The post on the back screws in and out. Some members of this board suggested using lock tight, or clear nail polish, to stop the screw from loosening. I haven't seen this problem yet. The first day I carried the Treo in the Case in my pocket without the post. Today I used the post and belt clip to attach it to my belt. Both were comfortable and functional.
    The case does not seem thicker or heavier than a leather case and seems to offer more protection. BTW I haven't used the screen since I started using the case. Making use of the 5 way - works great.
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    I know this is a bit old, but I had one quick question. Can you feel the vibrate with this case if it is in your pocket? It seems like that may be tough.
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    Yes, you can feel it vibrate.

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