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    I finally spent a few minutes and de-compiled the phone.prc from my Cingular Blue phone, then changed the flags to enable all options except the E911 icon. The call log totals and call duration are enabled. The prc (with unbranded Treo overlay images) and src file are attached. Anyone should now be able to use the src file to customize the images to their liking.

    If anyone finds something that I missed, please let me know.
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    Where can I find more information on customizing the src file anf phone options?
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    Can this be used on a Cingular Orange phone?
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    Should be fine on a Cingular Orange phone. Even the Sprint ones worked OK on my phone, except for that E911 icon.
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    Thanks. Do I need to upload the JPGs as well (and if so, where do they go?), or are they already compiled into the PRC somehow?
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    I tried e-mail the phone_attw.prc to myself but somehow it won't convert. It tells me:

    Database: Out of Memory. Dele

    Note the cutoff at the end of Deleting...

    I had tried Shadowmite's overlay before and his kind of works, but the Goodbye image is corrupted on my phone. Only the top half is shown. His prc is only 76K, the same size as the one in ROM, though. Yours is 113K.
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    The unbranded overlay (same images) from Shadowmite is 121K, even bigger than this one. Size shouldn't be an issue in this case. I've applied it both by syncing it to a memory card then copying to RAM with filez, and saving it right to RAM out of an e-mail.
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    You do not need to upload the JPGs - they are embedded in the PRC. I just included them in case someone wanted them for some reason.
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    Works like a charm - thanks! I hated not being able to see the call durations in the log, but the totals were available even with the standard app. Perhaps that was fixed in the recent ROM update.
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    I'll try going directly to an SD card. I don't have a card reader with me right now, though.

    E-mailing doesn't seem to be working and perhaps it is the reason even Shadowmite's overlays are not working completely right (corrupted image on disconnecting). I'm just using VersaMail and clicking on the prc attachment.
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    I presume you're telling VM to retrieve the entire message and attachment before you try to launch it?
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    Thanks for this - works very nicely. I had been using Shadowmite's version, but the "locator" icon was annoying (as was the yellow envelope on the 1 key).
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    Yes. I did retrieve the entire message. I'm not sure why it is giving me an error. I'm not sure why Shadowmite's overlay also has an issue with the Goodbye picture, although it mostly works and does turn on call duration and the E911 icon.

    I will try using a card reader this weekend.

    Any chance you could make one with the Cingular images? Alternatively, where can I find out how to use the src with other images?
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    I looked at my unlocked GSM 650, and I can see the call duration and call totals. I presume this is only useful for subsidized phones? Are there any other enabled features that are not discussed here?

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    Well, copying over the overlay on an SD card worked perfectly. I don't know what my problem is trying to do in in an e-mail. I renames the file Phone_ATTWS to match the file in memory. I'm not sure if that is nececssary or not. It's just what had worked with the Shadowmite overlay.

    Thanks for this overlay. I like the call duration feature in the log. Are there any other features enabled?
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    I want to do the same with my unlocked GSM Treo 650. The phone application has some differences.
    Can you tell me with which application and how did you do it ?
    I have the PRCEdit and PRC Eplorer applications and I can extract jpeg resources from the Phone application but I couldn't replace them with new ones.

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    I used pdbdec.exe to de-compile the phone_ATTW.prc file. This creates the .SRC file. If you look in there, you'll notice two sections that cause the splash_on and splash_off jpgs to be embedded in the prc when it is compiled. All you need to do is find the images you want, make sure they're the correct size, name them splash_on.jpg and splash_off.jpg, and run pdbc. I took the same method that others created in this forum with the create_splash_screen.bat file that does it for you.

    The flags are in this section in the .src file:

    typeid = 'Flag';
    id = 1000_d;
    0F 0F 0F 03 // ....

    The default flags that were in the shipping Cingular Blue phone were:
    00 00 01 02

    Through trial and error, I found that the 0F 0F 0F 03 combination led to everything being enabled except for the E911 icon, which is pointless on GSM. If you have an unlocked phone, you probably shouldn't have to mess with the flags, though.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thank you for a great file. Really. Don't let the next part detract from the fact that I use it now, and love it.

    Just one minor issue. It seems that the overlay is 2 pixels too clost to the top of the screen. It cuts off the blue box above it when "Show calendar event" is active.
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    Thanks anhill for the explanation.

    But I don't know how to use pdbdec.exe . Can you write how to use it on commnd prompt ?
    it seems that it has too many parameters.
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    Here's my original phone application. When I run pdbdec on it I got a 4MB file.
    Then what ?
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