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    I patched the 1.17-CNG version, as in the attachment.
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    Thanks! Works great on my newly updated 1.17-CNB phone. Now if it was only available with the generic splash screen instead of the Cingular orange guy ...
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    What is the difference between the "" and the "Phone" that is at the top of this page? I am currently using "phone_gsm" but have the new 1.17 update so I wanted to know if there is any difference. Thanks.
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    Just different splash screens.
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    Any such hack available to enable the call-divert icon?

    My Unlocked Cingular GSM does not display this on the
    phone application.

    One more Q, why is Phone_ATT_Custom.prc (anhill's)
    115.8K as against Phone_LOGO.prc (shadowmite's) that
    is 14K?

    - mvk
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    Can anyone who worked on these add the call duration for the Treo 700p Sprint if I send you the files?
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    This is pretty cool. I finally got try this after getting my phone stabilized.
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