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    When I try to connect wireless mode it starts Network Search and then nothing happens. I get no error message or anything. I have tried different SIM-cards but to the same effect.

    Otherwise it performs without any problems.

    I have tried a hard reset but that didn't make any difference.

    I don't want to spend a lot of money on repairs so what can I do?

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    You might look into something called the "Radio Reset Utility" which clears up a similar problem. Do a search in the forums or via Google for details.
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    I get an error message "SerialSer0309)" when I run the Reset radio utility.
    No connection. When I press the connection button to disengage I get "Fatal error".

    Is it game over?
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    Unfortunately - the bell may have tolled on your 270. I switched from Tmo to Cingular and got the Treo 650. I'm extremely happy right now.
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    That's it then.

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