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    Hofo do you wear glasses?
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    ^y yes i do...if you are referring to the blurriness, cant do anything about it...again i have a Logitech ClickSmart 820. Its a webcam/digi cam hybrid...

    i plan on buying a digicam, just not yet..
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    Wow, I never thought to try using my T66 as a stand (w/ flip bent backwards)! Cool! I seem to recall somebody (TC reviewer?) saying that bending the flip backwards like that would cause the flip not to line-up very well anymore... What's your experience? Expect problems in the future?
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    no problems whatso clicks in nicely and releases quite nicely, but i mean i dont use the lid as a stand...i just thought it was kinda cool that it was that strong.

    The leather seems so much softer and nicer on my T66 than my T65
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    Yep your camera sucks :-) , nice case Hofo...enjoy

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