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    I know there are several posts re: DUN thru blutooth but I couldnt find the solution to my prob, so I come begging to those who succeeded...
    Treo 650 GSM...t mobile string entered (as per t-mobile tech support)
    No username/password required as per t-mobile also
    DUN enabled on treo
    Smartphone recognized on laptop
    brought up dialup screen, entered both tel number options
    using kensinton bluetooth adapter
    Receiving error 692 hardware failure?
    I used the palmone tuturial but still no luck...
    ANy ideas????
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    Did you follow all the instructions in the Treo DUN guide?

    You have to do everything it says. I assume you're using an unlocked GSM version from PalmOne with T-Mobile.
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    yup...even stumped palmone tier two trech support..still waiting for the their call back (level three)
    and yes...unplocked palmone gsm w t mobile

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