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    i have approx 5000 names and adresses in contacts on my handheld. I cannot sync with contacts. get error:
    Error: 0x8000ffff Adaptor failed to convert from device. <0x8000ffff>
    Outlook Contacts XT - Handheld overwrites Outlook synchronization failed

    Conduit 'Outlook Contacts XT' Error: Unknown error. (65535)

    I cannot use desktop overwrites handheld because all data is on handheld.

    only way to backup is backupman but i want to sync with desktop..

    does anyone know how to purge deleted records for "CONTACTS" a record or more than one must be currupted in my contacts.

    i once had a problem with calander and used dbscan worked flawlessly and removed /purged deleted records and i was able to sync just fine but dbscan only does the calander db.(when u go to "purge all deleted records" does all but says "238 addres records deleted OK" and when i push OK it soft resets obviously it never deletes those.

    thanks all u techies...please help its killing me ( 4 months)
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    What is the XT at the end of Outlook Contacts?
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    the xt is pocket mirror conduit version XT (needed for windows xp) .
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    I know nothing about the mirror program, so take this with a grain of salt, but I would unistall mirror, reinstall, and try the handheld overwrites again. Good luck.
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    i have the same problem WITHOUT the pocket mirrror.

    do u know a method of purging deleted files in contacts??

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