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    Quote Originally Posted by bmacfarland
    Arg, so much misinformation... I used to think that everything was purposely disabled, but I now think that it's just too difficult to make user-friendly with the current code they have. Just following the original huge thread there were conflicts between connection libraries and things like that.
    Is there any difference between the OS in the Treo and the same version in any Palm device? I think that a good deal of the difficulty is that the hackers here do not have nearly the access to see "under the hood" like they do at Palm. As such, it is much more of a challenge to figure out a way to adequately connect all the dots.

    Some people say it's because the carriers don't want it. That may or may not be true, there's no way to prove or disprove unless you have inside documents. The fact that they exist for PocketPC phones tells me that they aren't afraid of wifi in general. Otherwise those wouldn't exist either.
    Unfortuantely, I think that the carriers not wanting WiFi is unquestionably the answer. How coincidental is it that the only WiFi enabled device also features EVDO, which the carriers likely perceive to be virtually as fast for pocket purposes in the eyes of many consumers and also more convenient? Pre-EVDO WiFi would have been the only true alternative in major metropolitan areas to paying up to $45 per month just to check your email. I did this all the time with my Tungsten C at numerous Verizon hotspots all around New York City.

    Here's an interesting fact. I have a Verizon Hotspot T-Shirt that I should keep as a collectors item, lol. Their Internet division selling "broadband speed DSL" for your home also bundled in free Hotspot access being a Verizon Internet customer. Verizon spent a load of cash installing WiFi hotspots in their payphones at numerous locations. There was free Verizon WiFi access in Bryant Park, an area in midtown that features a huge amount of foot traffic and a constant, wonderful source of use during the summer when there are events there.

    Then there was the total dismantling of this free WiFi connection per the announcement in June 2005. Then the i730 comes out and is WiFi enabled. Verizon Internet may not be one and the same as Verizon Wireless and even if it is, I'm sure that they have some working relationship and synergy. Nobody knows what will become of this huge WiFi rollout but for now, it's supposedly unavailable although I get signals from a wireless router in the usual places that are identified as "Verizon Wireless."

    Verizon takes in $45 per month for any wireless Internet access on your Treo and losing that revenue since EVDO would not be an option would not be a palatable solution. Note also that a good WiFi phone would allow Voice Over IP to be used. While this might not provide a huge impact on overall revenues now it's just another factor against the benefits of providing WiFi to their customers. They get no return on the investment.

    As for screaming you "neeeeeeeed" wifi, you should have known when you bought it that wifi doesn't exist on it. I don't like it either. If you do "neeeeeeeed" wifi that much, you need to buy an additional device that will support it and deal with carrying two devices. I realize this is counter to what the Treo is designed to do, but rarely do you get the best of everything in a converged device. I think the Treo has done better than any other device at delivering the best of everything, it's just not perfect.
    There is a difference between "perfect" and crippling a device made to deliver -- the wireless SD card is available for other Palms but curiously no drivers are released for this high end product. Sales and marketing departments will frequently not build the better mousetrap to induce consumers to make more frequent purchases that they otherwise would not need. They don't care about the inefficiencies, only your money. They are likely banking on people feeling the need to buy the next Treo which will come out and not only feature EVDO and/or WiFi, but also at least an acceptable amount of RAM for the current OS and faster processor.

    As a result, while I'm hoping there will be some solution somewhere, I'm not holding my breath.
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    Quote Originally Posted by weitzman@intern
    Also, another question:

    What do you think we [that have other Firmware] could do to get 1.15. Any ideas?

    Thx in advance,
    Here is the palm treo 650 update link to update your Treo 650 to the 1.15 firmware.
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    I have Firmware 1.28 (German Language) and I get the same problem as k8byte: when I am in the wifi mode (with Fake Net Library.prc) I cannot switch off the palm, it just soft resets instead. Deleting Fake Net Library brings me back to "normal mode". The wifi card works in the way described by all the others: DNS won't do. I was wondering if setting up a proxy server in Blazer (as suggested by tommccombs) overcomes this: if you put the IP of the proxy server rather than its name, then Blazer should not need DNS to surf the internet, all requests are going through that proxy. Any of the "anonymious surfing" proxies freely available on the web should do. Unfortunately I don't have access to a free hot spot to test this at the moment.

    Finally, I seem to be missing the file VPN_deDE.prc. Maybe I deleated it by mistake, or maybe it wasn't in shadowmites file from the beginning. Has anyone seen it? I don't want to install the whole thing again...
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    has anyone tried this with a fresh (new hard resetted) GSM Treo 650 ?
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    Anybody compare Blazer in the T5 to the one in the Treo? how about versamail? There has to be something different. Can we flash a Treo with T5 update (just kidding...)
    Maybe the focus shoud be on the Sandisk Wifi card w/ memory, and in the memory should be the programs and drivers and libraries (and whatever else) that are needed to get it to work... basically whatever is on the T5
    Can what is in ROM be overridden easily. I hope his helps....
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    I have two Treo GSM 650's along with allot of free time on my hands. One has firmware 1.15-CNG and the other has 1b.17. Anyway I have read everything and then some and you guys seemed to be on to something.

    in any case I have one question and maybe a few answers for you.

    First off did anybody ever get Blazer or Opera to connect?
    If not I'm not suprized. even if you had used the Enfora Sled they would not connect so id recomend the WebPro 3.0 Browser and maybe looking to the Enfora Wifi sled forums to get asistance in making that Palm Wi-fi card work. if it by chance does be sure to let me know how it goes B4 I waist my money trying. because if it does and you don't may you and your whole family get the clap
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    Well, hello to you too. Is "may your family get the clap" a traditional greetings where you come from? It makes me want to respond with similar greetings.
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    Quote Originally Posted by khaytsus View Post
    Well, hello to you too. Is "may your family get the clap" a traditional greetings where you come from? It makes me want to respond with similar greetings.
    Pay no mind to that statement I just have a rather vulgar/ yet down to earth sense of humor, anyway I have paid close attention to everything that was said & I think I can get this thing to work. It’s just going to take a little time but I am rather sure I can do it. Basically from what I can tell it was working and just drove shadowmite nuts And I can understand why considering the way he was testing. In any case he paved the way for us at this point and his work is appreciated. again, From what I can tell since the driver was deactivating the other networks he and others seen the fix as one that lets you uninstall and reinstall files when you need them. This was not going to offer seamless operation nor was it in my opinion the proper way to address this. In any case the project stopped rather abruptly when they realized it had a network library problem. I believe the answer is in the way Enfora addressed it, & that I can find the answer by examining Enforas driver. Of course this is all speculation until I have a WI-fi card to mess with and I’m rather reluctant to do so without anyone trying out my suggestions.
    By the way here is another. If you want the limited network ver may I suggest you all try an app called Reset Net, It’s a free app that resets your Palm’s network. Get it here
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