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    I have a BLUE (att) GPRS unlimited data plan account.
    I need to access via laptop on my Treo 650. The demo of pdanet didnt work, so I am trying the BT DUN BtManager.prc hack.

    I have tried different variations of isp@ wap@ and 99# **99***1# etc etc all those for cingular, but I dont think its working since I am not really on cingular.

    My GPRS conneciton settings are blank for username/pass/apn in the connection manager, so I am at a loss for my settings.

    Any insight? I'd greatly appreciate it!


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    If you can't find the answer here try
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    Just spoke with someone from ATT/Cingular last night about that info. With ATT the user id and password are both blank and the APN is "proxy"

    Let me know how it works for you. How did you get it to even connect without the PDANet software? When I go in to my bluetooth apps, and try and check the box for DUN and click apply I get Access denied error. I am using XP.


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