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    I'm trying very hard to not turn this into a rant... Since upgrading to the 650 a few days ago (from the 300) I've found that the palm organizer to work with significantly less functionality. Notably, no floating events??? While some features of the 650 are clearly better, some of the most basic stuff seems not as good...

    So to my question. I'm wondering if there is any scheduling software that would let me assign a category to events and to do's and then be able to run a report on excel for printout. Can Agendus or Datebk5 do that?? I've looked into it some from their websites, but I don't see any report running capability. The Palm Desktop handbook seemed to say something about it, but whatever they described was not available on my treo or my ibook. Help please.

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    I use datebk5, but am no poweruser..

    You can ask here
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