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    I tried searching through the forums, but no luck, and search brought back all posts, so please don't hammer me if this is a repost...

    I had to Hard Reset my 650, and tried to bring back all of my data files. My SMSes didn't survive the refit, though. I thought I had the correct file, but not. Now, whenever I get a message, it does not stay in the database. I have no messages at all in my "Msgs" program, but have at least 3 of them received (read them incoming, but went to go read them through the interface and they are gone).

    Anyone know what the issue is, and how to fix it? I could live without the SMS files, but I'd like it to work.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Believe the database for the SMS is messages or messaging dot something instead of SMSquicklist SMSetc...

    Haven't got my Treo now to double check, but if you're still not able to get it, I'll try to find it out when I got my Treo in hand...

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