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    I just picked up my GSM 650 on Monday. No reset problems yet; no problems using VersaMail or XpressMail. But I am not real happy with the earpiece volume, or the speakerphone volume. Obviously, the system is capable of producing alot more volume, because the system volumes can be set high enough to startle the unsuspecting visitor (especially the phone on and off sounds).

    I make calls while sitting in my airplane (on the ground of course), and I have a Cellset to allow patching the phone into my Bose Aviation Headset X. Plugged it all in tonight and made a couple test calls. Works like a charm! Sound quality was near perfect and people on the other end couldn't tell I was on a cell phone. I don't think that driving around sporting my noise cancelling headset would be wise. This isn't a real practical work around.

    I have been reading a bunch of the messages posted here. I sure hope P1 is going to fix some of these issues soon.
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    do yourself a favor and get the sony hbh-660 bluetooth earpiece. then invest in a set of jabra eargels and bail the ear hoop. all volume issues concerning the phone become a moot (not mute ) point. this pairs with the treo like they were old pals. there are a number of threads in the bluetooth forum concerning what headset is the best... overwhellming concensus is the hbh660 is the one to have i spent a few weeks trying a few out and then the hbh660 worked so well it enabled me to stop thinking about volume issues all together.

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