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    A good friend needs to have one of two things altered on his Treo300

    Remove the browser completely or:

    Remove the ability for the browser to load images from the web.

    Any help appreciated.

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    These things seem to be unrelated... Anyway, no biggie. When I had my Treo 270, it worked nicely with JackSprat and JackFlash. I was able to remove items in the ROM image on the fly and use the extra space for a tiny rom drive. Be forwarned, doing this could definitely void any warrenty, and you can render the Treo unusable. Unlike the older Palms, Treos don't react well to having their ROMs messed with, and if you completely screw things up, that may be the end.

    Lastly, in Blazer preferences there is a setting to prevent images from loading. It speeds up browsing as well.

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