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    I just received mine last night. It wasn't terribly tight, and the cover went on ok. I'm interested to see the difference in the amount of power it has compared to the OEM battery.
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    I just recieved mine as well, it is somewhat bigger than the OEM battery but I had no problem getting the cover back on. I have noticed something strange with the battery. It got down to 34% then went back up to 35%. Pretty strange..... anyone else notice similar behavior?
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    Dont know if anybody is interested but the OEM battery is on Amazon for $35.

    But it seems like they are OOS at the moment
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    This is a repost from another thread I commented in:

    I have the Factory Direct 2200mAh battery. So far it has not been very stable. When the power gets very low it either resets or freezes. I have not yet given it a full recharge cycle, when I took it out of the wrapping it was at around 36%. I am hoping that fully recharging the battery will recalibrate whatever it is measures the battery power and that the battery itself is not defective.
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    ive ran it down to zero w/out a problem..
    charge that batt fully NDP!!! LOL
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    The power dips and instability have stopped. I guess the phone had to get used to the new battery. I am loving the extended life. I now have 50% power remaining after a full's day usage after only having around 35% left at the end of the business day. Will continue to monitor performance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dkendle01
    Factory Direct Cellular will be selling a 2200 mAh extended life replacement lithium ion battery for the Treo 650 at the end of April. The cost is $35.00. See the following link:
    DO NOT BUY THIS BATTERY!!! IT IS AN ABSOLUTE PIECE OF SH!T! The battery has completely failed within 2 weeks of use and doesn't even charge anymore. When I try to contact factorydirectcellular about a rma, I DO NOT GET A RESPONSE!! They have absolutely non-existant customer service and I am deeply disappointed with my purchase!!! AVOID!!!!!
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