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    Ok so I've searched the forums for this and all I found was an unanswered forum.

    here's the problem. At some point, a certain option in the camera (pics and videos) apps of my phone started misbehaving, badly. When I take a picture, I usually go back to it and view it (so that it's full screen) and then i go to the menu and hit send. Either nothing happens or my treo resets. What used to happen was a menu you pop up and ask me which app i wanted to use to send the pic, snappermail, sms, or bluetooth.

    I dont get this prompt/ option anymore and now my treo resets.

    I'm afraid that I cannot determine the exact time at which this happened. but to my recollect, the last major update i made was to upgrade to the new sprint update and then use a shadowmite rom on top of it.

    anyone have any suggestions?

    thanks in advance.
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    I hate for a question not to be answered so i will post. The bad news is I dont know how to fix you problem other than to do a hard reset and install your applications one at a time and see which is causing a problem. There is a thread that I read that would help you. search for problem solving and you should find it. It goes into great detail if the hard reset is what you are going to try and do. Good Luck
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    Yeah it ain't a camera issue.

    I'm curious if the Palm developers were smart enough that their new OS Cobalt or whatever will be able to be "installed" on the 650. It's got a good proc.
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    Well I hard reset the darn and it's working quite well. Sucks that this is the way to "fix" things. There should be a way to audit the palm applications and find out what it does and which files it access when you do specific actions (like Regmon and Filemon).

    Oh well. Got myself a 2GB SD card. {= )

    Watching macross Zero on my treo now.

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