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    After reading the technical knowledge of those members on this forum, I'm hopeful someone might know how to solve my mystery.

    I bought a Treo 600 at a Verizon store. They required me to purchase a data services plan with the phone though I didn't really want it. I called customer service the next day and asked if I could cancel the data portion of my plan and they said yes. But figured I'd play with the e-mail for a short while to see if I might find a use for it with work.

    I've now determined I don't need the e-mail or internet so I called Verizon to cancel the data services portion of my plan. But now they tell me that once I set up the e-mail service, the "always on" connection cannot be turned off and if I were to cancel the data plan the "always on" connection would eat-up my cell phone minutes. This sounds fishy to me. I'm figuring Verizon just doesn't want me to cancel the data plan.

    Has anyone run into this and worked out a solution? The best the Verizon rep would tell me was to speak with Palm.
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    If you definitely dont need a data connection, go to your Network prefs and create a new cradle connection and make it the default one.

    Then call Verizon and insist that they remove any and all data plans from your account. They may force you to a per-kilobyte plan, but if there's no connection to establish, you shouldn't see any charges for data or extra calls.

    And the only instances I've heard of as an "always on" connection is if you install and use Verizon's Wireless Sync or forget to turn off a data connection that you establish.
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    I think it's the Wireless Sync that's creating the "always on" connection. I've tried the "Disconnect" in the Network preferences and then checked my data usage count over of few days and there still seems to be some data transfer taking place. I use ActLink 2.0 and I think when I do a sync with the program, the phone also activates a Wireless Sync of some sort.

    Thanks for the input. I'll give it a try.

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