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    I used to be a Pocket PC user, and with ActiveSync, you could cradle your device and have it be in a continuous synchronization mode so that if, for instance, you made a change to a contact, the change would be instantaneously synchronized with the pocket pc. Is there anything that would allow HotSync to function this way, or do you just have to remember to manually synchronize the Treo after each and every change you make?

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    You don't have to sync it for "each and every" just "every." Remember, it will sync more than one change at a time.
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    I've got similar complaints, the question is (at least in my mind) not whether you have to press the hotsync button one time or many times. The problem is that you have to press the hotsync button AT ALL. With MS ActiveSync, you plug in your device and it syncs. Whenever something changes in Outlook, it automatically sends the change down to your device. You never have to remember to initiate a sync operation.

    It drives me nuts that I have to remember to initiate a sync with my Palm. I'd LOVE to hear from someone that there's a way to sync automatically w/ a Treo 650.

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