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    Just bought my Chatter license yesterday after having a trouble free trial version, and now when I send a message from my Gmail SMTP profile I get a message that says Sending Error: You message has been saved in Drafts. The thing is, the email goes through to the recipiant even though I got an error message. In fact in one test they got it twice. Still it does not show up in the "Treo Sent" folder, just as a draft.

    I tried to do another "upgrade" with the reset phone option, but things have not changed. Could someone send a little light on what I might be doing wrong? I don't remember any such errors while I was still using the free version so maybe I hosed something when I upgraded/registered??

    Thanks for any help,
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    Get the latest beta; it works around a Gmail SMTP problem (I think it's Gmail; no other server acts this way).

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    Cool. What is the latest Beta version, I thought I already tried that. Thanks for the reply.
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    It's 1.0.5b30 at this moment... If you're still having problems, make me a log (there's a FAQ here and at with instructions).

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    Done and everything fixed. Just so you are aware, the new version is a substantial amount slower in sending emails than when I first started sending mails from Chatter. Did GMail make some specific change that hosed our speed in Chatter?

    Thanks for being so willing to help man. I work at Hilton Corp in the IT department and the Black Berry bug is rampant here but I love showing off my 650 and the ability to get the same functionality with just Chatter (no work email though, big hole there when I start running my mouth about how cool it is, doh! But you can't help that). A couple of our developers where impressed, especially by the fact that you do it in the back ground, on a palm which supposedly won't multi-task. If I could just connect to the exchange server directly life would be a dream (damn firewall), kind of takes a bit of the fun out of it . Do you have any clients you know of who connect through a firewall without a VPN client? I know just enough about this stuff to get me in trouble.
    Thanks again,
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    I agree, sending email is a bit slower but it is great! especially the new auto-contacts feature.

    great job Marc!
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    Fry-man22 - I know some folks have convinced IT to open up a non-standard port for SSL access with IMAP...


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