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    I know that Palm Desktop and HotSync work with Windows 2000, but I was wondering if the AvantGo client has any problems.

    Anybody successfully using Windows 2000 together with the Visor and AvantGo?

    I haven't tried it yet, but since I use the Visor for work a lot, especially with AvantGo, it's very important that it be up and running as soon as possible
    Tan Kit Hoong,
    Star Publications (M) Ltd
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    Well, I just installed Win 2k (about 30 seconds ago ), and in the upgrade info it said that mobile link was not compatible . I was sure some other people have used Mobile Link with Win 2k, but how?
    PS Win 2k kicks ***, the best Microsucks software yet.
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    I'm using Win2k w/ Avantgo w/o any problems. I just recently upgraded to the newest version of Avantgo and that works just as well. I didn't have to do anything different than I had to do in NT4 or 98... Sorry I can't be much help in the way of advice...
    Rick Bailey
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    No problem here with Win2K and AvantGo.

    Try it. If you have any problems, I bet people here can help.
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    I've installed AvantGO on W2k. Haven't had any problems. I had to make sure my firewall setting were right. Everything seems to be working fine so far.
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    Thanks everyone! I just installed Win2000 on my machine and AvantGo on top of that and it works just fine as well.
    Tan Kit Hoong,
    Star Publications (M) Ltd
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