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    Has anyone experienced this problem?

    If my device is plugged in for charging, and the phone rings, and I touch the answer box on the screen (I dont typically use the green answer button on the keypad) the phone will soft reset, if I unplug it first, it is fine. Needless to say I have learned to unplug the phone before answering it, but sometimes I forget.....(maybe I should use the green button?)

    My Bluespoon digital headset is connected and active, could this be the problem? I have only one app on the phone, AOL 3.3 build 002, a few ringtones, and I do have a 128mb SD digital memory card by Simpletech (our freebie).

    Any thoughts?
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    hey I have a similar post....mine doesnt do a soft freezes....the last three days in a is charging...I get a call, answer it, and the phone locks up....anyone help????

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