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    Hello all,

    I have searched for an answer for this on the internet and here, to no avail. I am trying find out how to modify the network settings on a 600. It has been SIM unlocked, but that didn't make any difference. When you hit "Prefs" and then "Network", it shows the settings are locked by T-Mobile. They claim they are unable to unlock it as it comes from the factory that way.

    Any ideas?
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    You can create one yourself. Check this link:
    and look for T-Mobile Internet topics which should be around the 2nd page.
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    Here's are clear definition:
    The setting assumes it matches what you services you paid for with TMo, i.e.: regular internet vs VPN.

    If you do not have either or have paid for T-Zones, some users have created work around but YMMV.

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