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    I feel like an *****, but how do you go back to the original wallpaper(dial pad) once you have changed it? I changed the wall paper and lost my dial pad....Jay
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    do you have a cingular or verizon?
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    it probably dosen't matter to get dial pad back just go to your phone screen hit your preferences button slide over to options, select general pref., there should be a drop down for show dial pad or show wallpaper, just choose your perference.
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    specimen, you don't get a choice that is the original wallpaper. It appears to be lost forever.......
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    To get the dial pad to show (which is what I think the original poster wanted to do), just select 'show dial pad' from the Phone/Menu/General Preferences screen. Just as specimen said.
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    That bites. I'm sitting here, waiting for class, and thought I'd play with that feature. Now I can't get it back and I don't like how it looks with other pictures.
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    Nevermind. Searching through here, I found out that I need to tap "default" under the general preferences. I would've searched earlier, but it's a pain doing that kind of stuff on the phone. Oh well.
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    I was wondering the same thing as the original poster and followed the steps that Specimen suggested and it came up just like it was supposed to. Im on a Verizon phone and it worked like a charm thanks Specimen.
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    Yeah, but his was to get dialpad back up. I think the original posters, and I, both wanted the orginal picture up.

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