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    Anyone have any opinions on a really good FM Modulator... I havent tried this route but am hesitant to drop more money on this 700 dollar device.

    I did purchase a Sony Cassette Adapter....but it sounds HORRIBLE...I can barely stand it...worse than FM radio.

    I am a bit of an audiophile so maybe I am being too picky... but still I would like to know from those with positive experiences..what do you use?
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    No modulator will be as good as a good cassette adapter. Are you sure your adapter is working correctly?
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    I have a relatively cheap Sony cassette adapter and to me it sounds fine. I generally listen to audio books or mp3's from radio shows though.
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    I am sure... the bass just sounds flat.. and the highs are very "tinny" sounding. It just sounds I said though... I may be setting too high of a standard....
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    Apologies if this seems obvious or if you've already tried it...

    I was very disappointed in the sound coming through my cassette adapter until I turned on the equalizer in PocketTunes and upped the bass and treble (the curve is like a shallow V, with the 100Hz and 12k sliders at about 70%(4dB) and the middle slider at 50%(0dB) and the 300 and 4k sliders barely bumped up). This made a huge difference in the sound for me. I also turn pTunes up to about 75% of max. It's still not as good as a CD, nor will it ever be, but it's much better than it was before tweaking the EQ.

    I have been thinking about getting a wired FM modulator that goes in between your head unit and your antenna. This should provide a cleaner signal than a wireless FM modulator. Anyone have experience with these?
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    I had used both (cassette and FM transmitter) I think the sound is much better off the cassette adapter. The FM transmitter was prone to all sorts of interference, and depending on where you live and where you travel you may not always get an empty FM signal.
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    700 dollars? The highest-end (connects directly to your radio's antenna port) FM modulators I have seen have been 100-150 dollars at most.

    As to FM vs. cassette - It depends on your car's radio. Some cars have absolutely HORRIBLE cassette audio circuitry, and hence sound like utter crap with a cassette adapter. Others sound much better with cassette than FM.

    If you have a factory Chrysler tape radio made before 1996, FM is the ONLY way to go. Pre-'96 (and possibly post-96) Chrysler tape decks SUCK. (Except maybe the Infinity ones, I don't know about them.)

    Even a wireless FM mod blows away tape adapters in my car. (1995 LeBaron)
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    He meant his phone was $700, not the modulator. I've seen a Monster Cable FM Modulator before, and I've always been pleased with their products' performance. However, I haven't used this particular product from them.
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    I have irock! FM Transmitter which I puchased for 19 bucks. It works well if it is right next to the FM radio receiver. If I have it more than 4 feet away, I get significant interference. This is becaue I live in New York City and pretty much all FM frequencies are occupied by radio stations. If I drive somewhere in the country side, it works better. The annoying thing about this device is that the power button can accidently be pressed when the device is carried in a bag.

    Here is another review of it.
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    I've been using this in Toronto now for 3-4 days... works really good

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