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    any idea why it would do this? i haven't had any problems with this phone until two days ago when it started to reboot every 5 minutes...
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    are you checking email in the background every 15 minutes?
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    No. the phone is sitting idle on my desk right now and then all of a sudden, i can hear the sound it makes as it powers up.
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    I think what scotty meant is: Do you have Versamail setup to check mail every 15 minutes ?


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    The "sync automatically" box is not checked. I assume this means that it is not set up to check every 15 minutes...
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    it is now rebooting exactly every 5 minutes (i'm timing it).
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    "every 15 minutes" is NOT random. I would tend to think along the same lines as versamail checking for mail every 15 minutes. There is definately something that is set to run every 15 minutes and that is what is causing the reset.

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    Get the latest version of PalmInternals (1.9.46). When you run it it will open up a screen that shows you all of the alarms. Look for the one scheduled w/in the next 5 minutes, and that should be the application that is causing the problem. Start that application and try to figure what it is "checking" every 5 minutes.

    Chances are that it is IM, or email, or something that runs in the background to do something (SoundOff, etc).
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    I found the alarm using PalmInternals, but I don't know what it is:

    4/14/05 16:42:23 m68k 644F7AF0.

    I'm guessing that it has to do with Verichat, because my free trial with them just ran out...
    I deleted all of my Verichat files using FileZ and when I rebooted, that alarm was gone!


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