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    Quote Originally Posted by tonyricciardi
    Ditto here. Toysoft releases products most developers call "alpha". They are often unstable and at best, wrought with bugs.

    Their support is seriously lacking and usually non-existent.

    Smiley only appears when there is a new product or new version to shill. When there are problems or bugs, he disappears.

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    I think he should be banned just for the fact that he ignores questions concerning bugs in his products and then usually posts after the question from somebody and totally avoids the situtation...he has done this over and over with myself and others.

    At the very least I think he should be charged for advertising if all he want's to do is sell all his products and never offer support and reply to known bugs in these forums.
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    Although I really DO NOT condone bad business practices I must say.. I just installed Live! on my Treo 650 and the video quality really is much better than the camera app.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Truth
    Although I really DO NOT condone bad business practices I must say.. I just installed Live! on my Treo 650 and the video quality really is much better than the camera app.
    Seriously? If that is the case, please post what settings you used and a sample clip.

    I found the qulity WAY worse than the built in camera ap that already stinks.

    So unless someone think you are Smiley88 in disguise, please post a sample vid and what settings you used to get it.
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    I am glad I read the forums...if not for the forums I may have bought Lightwav... I am so glad i can see in these forums how terrible...Toysoft is...and Smiley88... i mean wth... people ask him support questions...he totally disregards them...and then continues promoting his software...right under the support thread...its ludicrous...!
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    every time I try to open the menu "live" resets my treo. it does feel like alpha software to me.
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    Well I thought I would compare Live! quality to that of the 650 app and ran into problems. I downloaded both of the codecs suggested in the PDF file to play the exported mjpg files (avi) and still media player will not recognize them.

    Also, if you run the app from the 650 RAM and not the SD card it still claims to have exported the avi file to the 'DCIM folder on the card'. In actual fact it exports to the DCIM folder on the 650 RAM. I copied the app to the SD card and then it exported to the card correctly. Anyone successfully exported and played an avi file from this application? What codec. Thanks.
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    Just wondering, why would we need another video app? and pay for it? Isn't that what we already have in our Treo 650's?
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    Yes, his blatant advertising threads should be deleted if he won't answer questions.
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    Tried Live too and obviously the product doesn't live up to its claim.
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